What Did James Brown and Anna Nicole Smith Have in Common?

Perhaps if both of them had followed the recommendation encouraged within the following article, their estates could have been settled more quick and effortlessly. Obviously, they did NOT “Get their houses in order” soon enough. Don’t reason your family the soreness of going via needless struggles and heartbreak whilst faced with settling your own property. […]

What Is An Estate Plan?

There are many misunderstandings approximately Estate Plans and who must have them. Many people assume that an property means a massive tract of land and amazing wealth and big non-public belongings this is very valuable, together with vintage antiques and collectibles. Although this can be actual, ‘property’ does no longer imply the equal to each […]

The Zen Master and the Cat

The Zen Master gave a talk in the candlelight the subsequent evening to the assembled students inside the zendo. “Understand that it’s miles the calm thoughts which aids and helps the improvement of understanding, and the quantity to which it aids information depends at the power of the calm mind. Calmness may be coarse, adequate […]

What’s The Most Important Action

“I’m not sure what action to take first?” This question and similar ones are asked more often than not, in my coaching sessions and classes. Other questions my clients ponder are, “Is this the right action? Will it yield the results I want?” A general answer is always going to be questions back, “What do […]

How to Choose a Financial Advisor, Mentor or Coach

It started out as a simple conversation between Todd Tresidder and myself. We were discussing some of the big coaching/mentoring seminars that are all the rage about financial investing. Todd retired at 35 years old after selling his hedge fund business. He coaches because he loves it and we’ve had lots of great conversations about […]

Choosing the Correct Meeting Venue

In the 21st century the ever growing usage of the net has opened up a number conversation streams for groups. Electronic communique via e mail and social media does make communique distinctly clean for agencies however this must not be used as the only technique of conversation. Face to stand conferences must play an necessary […]

A Cottage Holiday at Christmas

Christmas is coming! While for many people the initial panic is that of making sure that all of the presents are bought, many households will be trying to finalize where their Christmas will actually take place. Visiting family is common place during the festive season and sometimes things can get crowded! I know in my […]